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We are currently mid way through Year 2

We chose to take only 3 additional classes this
semester on top of our normal school schedule.
We chose:
Ephesians - Bible
The Art of Teaching

Preaching Workshop (Tony)
Lifestyle of Healing (Chenoa) 

Our Current Activation is Healing and Pastoral Care. We go out weekly in groups of 3-5 to specific homes that have requested a visit. We are able to serve and care for their needs through prayer and encouragement specifically for each individual. We absolutely love this activation and see God do amazing things. 

Currently Reading :

Developing the Leader Within - John C Maxwell

 The Great Disappearance -David Jeremiah

Yr 2 Semester 1 Classes-Completed

  • Heart and Mind Writing

  • Leading & activating others in the supernatural

  • The Prophetic Lab

  • Manifestation Gifts of the Spirit

  • Pastoral Launch Track

Recent books we've read and recommend

  • Gods Generals - Liardon

  • Grasping Gods Word - Duvall Hays

  • Moral Revolution - Kris & Jason Vallotton

  • Spirit Wars - Kris V

  • The Happy Intercessor - Beni Johnson

  • Kingdom Culture - Dann Farrelly

  • Keep Your Love On - Danny Silk

  • The Supernatural Ways of Royalty - Bill Johnson/Kris V

  • Winning the War Within - Jason & Kris V

  • Experiencing the Fathers Embrace - Jack Frost

  • Defining Moments - Bill Johnson

  • Next Wave - Bob Sorge

  • When Heaven Invades Earth - Bill Johnso

  • Basic Training for  Prophetic Ministry - Kris V.

  • School of Healing & Impartation - Randy Clark

  • John G. Lake- K.Copeland Publications

  • The Pursuit of God - A.W.Tozer

  • Loving our Kids on Purpose - Danny Silk

  • Maturing into yourself - Ray Leight

  • Heavy Rain - Kris V

  • Switch On Your Brain - Dr. Caroline Leaf

  • Stregthen Yourself in the Lord - Bill Johnson

  • Hosting the Presence - Bill Johnson

  • Spiritual Intelligence- Kris V.

  • The Connection Codes - Dr Glenn & Phyllis Hill

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