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Upcoming Missions...

NFL Cruise Ministry Trip February 2023 -Updating soon



Stockton California March 2023- Updating soon


Humboldt County, California, also known as the

"Lost Coast," is located in the emerald triangle where the majority of US grown marijuana is produced and distributed from. It also has the most missing persons cases per capita than anywhere in California yet is just a few hours down the road from Redding. Isaiah 9 opens up with those who live by the sea and "people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death upon them a light has shined." Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost!  

Reflecting on Humbolt

Humbolt will definitely be in our hearts forever and who knows we may return often being its only 3 hours away from us. This was our first missions trip, we knew upon applying for trips that we would be somewhere along the coast. God had been leaving us easter eggs. I had seen a vision of us ministering on the coast and Tony had a very vivid dream shortly before seeing our list of choices that confirmed our choice of Humbolt. We knew God would use us no matter where we went but we do believe in divine appointments with specific people along our path. In preparation for this trip we began to pray for the hearts we would have the opportunity to encounter and share Jesus with. God began to give us a few specifics as a team. We had a list that we felt God was going before us. 

We had a team of about 30, we partnered with a local church within the city that was absolutely amazing and loves their city so well. They had a few things lined up for us to fill areas of need for their city. We were able to prepare care packages along with meals for the homeless. We went into the heart of the city that had a heavy dose of drug activity and homelessness. We were able to provide basic needs but also had the opportunity to share Jesus and pray with people. Everyone we had the privilege of getting to know was so quick to make us friends and just share their stories with and also hear ours. They were hungry not just for the yummy spaghetti haha but to learn about Jesus' love.

We were able to minister to a small community down in Fortuna, Ca as well. I felt like this portion of our mission was the most challenging for us, . We had to step over the chicken wire and really let God do His thing. 

We ministered as a team to the group and were able to give many encouraging words. We prayed for healing and saw someone get complete healing. She hadn't been able to touch her nose without pain that had been ongoing from a previous issue, and she was squeezing her nose and said the pain was completely gone. God showed up and encountered us all as we leaned into Him. I (Chenoa) had a woman highlighted to me that I felt like I had a very specific word for, after sharing with her I asked her name and it was a specific name I had been praying for on my list! I only had one specific name written down! God just showing off and giving me confidence that I hear Him well, even when I doubt myself a lot haha! 

Tony was able to share and encourage multiple people that were dealing with suicide. God showed up and encountered the broken. It was life changing not just for them but for us. To see Gods heart and get to be apart of His plan. His heart transforms our hearts and we can't help but love like He does. What an amazing loving God we serve! We are so grateful to have been able to be apart of this trip and can't for the next! Until then everyday is our mission! 

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