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Hello Minis

Our Hello Minis happen once a year usually around the beginning of the year! These are a fun way for us to meet NEW clients that may be looking for a photographer! We offer these sessions at an EXTREMELY discounted rate and then you get to choose your price. It's a great opportunity for us to meet each other, for you to get a few updated photos and see how we operate. You leave with a little gift from us and photos that will be cherished forever! Id say you definitely win!

We moved to Redding in June of 2022 and we had to start our business of 13 years from the ground up again. So we came up with these in order to meet new faces and get to know the community! They were a huge hit and we established some new relationships with many of you that have come along and followed our journey and our art! WE are so appreciative of so many of you. The community here in Redding is absolutely amazing. So many amazing photographers that also put community over competition and welcomed us with open arms. We are so appreciative to all of you! Below are some of the sweet memories that were captured and we can't wait to do them again this next year!

Watch out for next years! We love these and excited to get to meet new smiling faces. Or sometimes grumpy little faces that need a little more time to trust us hehe!

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