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If you know us you know that we have been chasing after God’s calling on our lives, our marriage, and our family. The journey has truly been an adventure and we are excited for the next steps on our path chasing after His heart. We invite you to come along with us as we share the love of God with families, friends and the world and figure everything else out along the way.

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Hello Friends,

    Thank you for stopping by and checking out what's been going on. As most of you know we have been in a huge season of transition and would love to share with you where we are, what we have been up to

and what we are excited about

for the future

Transition in Ministry

We have always served in ministry if you know us you know this. 

We've had some big transitions over the years from leaving our home church and helping our best friends start and build their church. From serving in childrens ministry, small groups, all things media, to wherever else we could serve we did. Long story VERY short...God called us very clearly to take a leap of faith. We left everything and moved to Redding, Ca. first and foremost to seek more of Him, but also to gain a deeper understanding of who He is as Lord, Father, and Friend. We came seeking training! We are currently both full time students in the Supernatural School of Ministry. We are excited for what God is doing and 

what's to come.We are continuing to pray and seek the Lord's

will as He prepares our hearts and minds for what He has

for us after school.

Transition in Family 


We have completed our 2nd year of BSSM.School has been amazing! God is working and doing so many things. This summer we are finding side hustle jobs, as well as continuing to build our financial support as we get ready to go into our 3rd year. Emery completed her freshman year of HS and is planning on working her first job this summer. Malachi completed his first year college, and is working full time. He has also made the leap of moving out and is now rooming with friends.

Transition Financially


We both left the security of our full time jobs in 2022, we sold our home and made the move. We have had a value of living

by faith but also using our gifts where we can to generate personal finances. Our hope is to continue to do both in the coming seasons, but we need to strengthen our personal

financial support base for this season.

As we look to the future, our goal is to increase our

support by $4,000.


1.Would you become a monthly financial supporter?

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3.Have any questions or want to reach out to us email at or hit the contact page.


We are so grateful for all of your prayers, love,

and support.



                        Tony & Chenoa

Our current goal is to complete all 3 years of the BSSM program, interning the 3rd year. We hope to get fuller clarity this year in specifics of where God is leading us. We know that God has called us to leadership, we know that we love families, and we love sharing the gospel of Jesus. We want to see people saved and delivered spiritually, mentally and physically. We want to see marriages and families thriving and living in
His joy and peace no matter their circumstances.
We want to see identities restored and help lead people to the one true healer and to see them walk in restoration.


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