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Des + Billy VW Adventures

Ahhhhhh I absolutely love this fun styled session! I met Desiree shortly after moving to Redding through instagram! She is an amazing creative and free spirit that I absolutely immediately felt drawn to. I had reached out to her to collaborate on a styled shoot I was working on and she so kindly was down. A few months after that shoot I was itching to get creative again and just go shoot! And of course she was all for it again! But this time I wanted her as the model as well as some her creative perspective. We started putting together ideas, outfits, colors etc.....She came over the day of the shoot and we put it all together! I put my skills to the test with doing her hair and makeup as well as putting together a few florals! I of course tried sourcing other vendors but on short notice and my impatience it doesn't always happen haha! I have a little background with hair /makeup so it comes in handy :)

The amazing beaded dress was actually my great grandmas and the second Des saw it she was like we HAVE to use that! I think it was fitting since HelloLuna (Her small business) is overflowing with all the gorgeous beads! When you get a few creatives together magic tends to happen! I couldn't be happier with these and how FRICKEN ADORABLE are Des + Billy! Like are you for real!

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