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Redding Family Session | Wendy | July 18 2022


Moving to Redding California has been an adventure, lots of ups and downs I'm not going to lie. We have been trying to get out and explore and meet new faces. Wendy and her family were one of the first people we really meet and made friends with.

The 4th of July we ventured out to the biggest event in town for some local food trucks, live music and of course some amazing fireworks. Im naturally very shy, haha those that know me are probably laughing like yeah right!!! But my "natural" personality is shy and to myself. I have become outgoing because I have had to with life and what I do. Wendy and her family came somewhat later then us and found a spot right next to us, in the sea of people, and not to long before the fireworks started. I had an urge to talk to her and possibly offer her some free photos to just add to my portfolio as we start to network and get our name out there. Welllll, I didn't and let my shyness get the best of me. I got nervous of looking silly....I know I know Im a 36 year old grown women but I still get so nervous to start a conversation haha. Once I get started though I'm in it and forget I was ever nervous.

Anyways, I have the craziest dreams sometimes and of course that night I dreamt that I ran into her again! It was a detailed dream and I woke up thinking that I had made a new friend and was going to be taking her photos... That day we decided to check out the local waterpark... a Tuesday, and who do you think I ran into!!! Seriously what are the odds! Emery my 13 year old daughter, had to pep talk me into walking up to them as they were sitting at the entrance to the wave pool. Finally, I so awkwardly walked up to her and introduced myself and thankfully she recognized us from the night before. We chatted for a bit and I felt comfortable enough to ask when the last time she had family photos done. Which was way longer than anyone should ever wait. Which made my heart happy to be able to offer a session to her and her adorable kiddos. We planned for a few weeks out so that they could plan outfits and I could make sure I could find a good location in this new town of ours!

We met at her selected location and immediately hit it off again, laughing and talking and just having a good time. We strolled down the sacramento river trail as I kept an open eye for that light peeking perfectly through the trees, and also watching out for the dang spiders! There are way to many spiders here....Im not just talking little daddy long legs Im talking HUGE nasty ugly disgusting spiders everywhere along the river. I cant handle it, lets just say there was lots of jumping and squealing everytime one of us thought a spider may have gotten on us. Thankfully there were no casualties. Wendy and her kiddos were so fun and fantastic and I seriously made a new friend. We are having coffee next week haha.

People ask me all the time if I still get nervous taking photos for new clients, or even friends and family. I GET SO NERVOUS, extremely nervous, doesn't matter who it is I tend to get even MORE nervous when it comes to people that Im close to. I literally have to pray before every wedding, session, or meeting because I get crazy anxiety, and then I just take a deep breath and GO. Then once we get started I'm in the zone and all my years experience just takes over thankfully :). Even for those that may not have the years of experience its ok to slow down during a session and just analyze and switch it up, change direction, take the deep breath! Stay CONFIDENT in who you are and know we are always growing and becoming better. Sometime you gotta fake it til you make, time and time again I'll ask my husband after a session or something I did out of my comfort zone, how did I do? Did I look nervous, because I wasn't sure about this or that...and he always says "REALLY, You looked like you were the master of the art, you were in the zone!" So stay confident, stay teachable, and just have fun!

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